Upon hearing the voice of the Lord at the age of thirteen years old, Bishop Lawson prepared himself to be obedient to the command to “feed my sheep”. After graduating from the University of Hartford and attending Bethel Bible Institute, preparations in both the secular and biblical disciplines were sought after to pursue his destiny. While teaching weekly Bible Classes in his living room with hungry but distraught individuals that wanted a deeper understanding in the Word of God, Powerhouse Temple of Deliverance Incorporated was birthed. With the help of Attorney Jack Ginsburg, a Messianic Jew, the Mission Statement was established and on August 17, 1977 Powerhouse received its incorporation from the State of Connecticut. A Board of Directors was established after much prayer and intercession. Bishop’s mother, Bertrina Lawson, was ordained Evangelist and our first Church Mother; Pastor John Lawson, his brother and Associate Minister along with his sister Valerie Lawson were founding members.

Our first location was a 3ooo square foot building on 362 Grand Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This rental building was home to our newly formed church which attracted members from the local community as well as Norwalk, New Haven and as far away as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   Soon the slogan “Powerhouse the Firehouse” was associated with the fresh flow of anointing that sprung from the glory that dwelt there.   Before long, the city was aware that the “Temple” was where the glory flowed. Within five years, the Lord opened up a door so that Powerhouse was able to purchase 1406 State Street in Bridgeport in 1982. This former bank which had ten rental units attached would serve as our new home. With our access to classrooms as well as a Sanctuary that would seat over two hundred, the ministry thrived and survived as we navigated through many obstacles and trials of which God proved faithful. Michael Sanders would be our first Minister of Music and Lonnell Lawson Jr. was of drummer.

After selling that building in late 1988, the ministry relocated to the YMCA (Young Men Christian Association) on State Street in the Park City. This had to be the leading for now there were no strings holding PTD to remain in Bridgeport. It was as if God was literally saying, “I am releasing you to extend your boundaries” and the ministry was relocated to New Haven, Connecticut. This was confirmed by the signs and wonders being witnessed in the initial revivals that Bishop Lawson conducted at New Light Church in the Hill section of New Haven. So, in that year, 61 Alling Street in the city of Hamden began the property that would become our new church home. In the Fall of 1994, a 5000 square foot facility known as 75-77 Spring Street, would be the new rental property of Powerhouse Temple. In that structure, we witnessed miracles and the Apostolic manifestation was birth in is fullness. PTD would conduct crusades and our “tent ministry” was known around the city. Many souls were saved and lives were changed as the spirit of the Lord moved. This sanctioning was all that was needed to assure Bishop that the favor of God was upon this relocation. The owner of Spring Street refused to comply with the City of New Haven tax requests which prevented us purchasing that property. Consequently, the ministry moved to the Community Outreach Center (COC) then to Dixwell Q House.

Ultimately, Pastor Boise Kimber and the First Calvary Baptist Church opened their doors and we cohabited with them. Finally, July 1, 2003 the current headquarters of Powerhouse Temple Ministries at 577 Howard Avenue was purchased.   This place of worship which was formerly Wesleyan Methodist Church is on the historical registry as a religious edifice being built in 1889.

Truly the Lord has brought us from a mighty long ways. He has always provided us with a dwelling place where His spirit resides. From the humble beginnings of hearing the voice of God saying, “feed my sheep”, Bishop now not only feeds but leads us to green pastures where the waters of anointing flows. Bishop, thanks for hearing God and allowing Him to birth us, the church, in you.